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James Harrell

Software Developer • Student

I am a 19-year-old, originally self-taught, Software Developer. My first experience with programming was making Minecraft Plugins with Java in September of 2019. Over the years, I have picked up skills in Kotlin, basic Web Development, Python, Linux, Docker, SQL, and more! I now Freelance and study Computer Science at Purdue University.

When I first started learning how to program, I was running a Minecraft Server and wanted the ability to customize my server a bit more than I could by default. To do this, I would need to use the Spigot (Minecraft) API, which was in Java, so the obvious option was to learn Java. I spent around 6 months making plugins for myself, but eventually decided to close the Minecraft Server and get into freelancing.

I now mostly make Minecraft Plugins and Discord Bots for clients; however, I am always open to new challenges.

I have had a wonderful experience learning to write software, and I have found that I enjoy it a lot, which is what led me to major in Computer Science in College.

Currently, my plan is to focus on Machine Intelligence, a field I find extremely interesting. The idea of a computer being able to learn and think in a similar way to humans shows the true power of computers, and I hope to be able to harness that in a way that benefits people!

Discord Account: Jaims#3427 (id: 348146715162968065)

Discord Server: discord.jaims.dev

Email: james@harrell365

Linked In: james-b-harrell

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